Syrian Rebels Had Advanced Warning of Syrian Attack on Arms Depot

Apr 17, 2017

Investigative Journalist Gareth Porter who specializes on national security issues wrote that, "The US military allegedly knew in advance that the strike was coming: Russian military officers informed their American counterparts of the Syrian military's plan to strike the warehouse in Khan Sheikhoun city 24 hours before the planned airstrike, according to the former US official who spoke with Truthout. The official is in direct contact with a US military intelligence officer with access to information about the US-Russian communications."

This may explain how Gulf News, a pro-rebel news outlet, could predict the day before that there would be another chemical attack by Syria. It’s not that they could have known the Syrians were going to crop chemical weapons, because that would not have been part of the sharing of information. But they did know that the Syrians were going to bomb a rebel arms factory inside a warehouse where rebels were stockpiling chemical weapons. That attack led to the rebels being able to falsely claim that Syrian made a chemical weapons attack.