Doctor Ejected from United Flight May Sue

Apr 14, 2017

David Dao, a 69-year-old Vietnamese-American doctor, was hospitalized after being physically forced off the plane, as United was determined to make room for a flight crew heading to Kentucky. Dao’s lawyer Tom Demetrio said the law prohibits airlines from using excessive force to remove passengers. The 3 officers who dragged Dao off the plane broke two front teeth and caused a concussion. They have been temporarily relieved of duty as Chicago’s department of aviation scrambles to handle the crisis

Witnesses on the plane disputed United CEO Munuz’ claim that Dao was belligerent. Thus when Munoz finally got around to apologizing after the fourth statement defending the practice, it wasn’t very believable to the public. Demetrio is planning on suing both the airline and the City, although he expects there a major settlement offer will be forthcoming. United wants this bad piece of PR to go away as quickly as possible.