Even Maduro’s Base is Protesting the Venezuelan Dictator

Apr 14, 2017

As even the poor in Venezuela, normally loyal to the Marxist dictator who provides benefits, joined in huge protests in Caracas, it looks as if Maduros days are numbered. More violence emerged this week as a fifth protestor was shot and killed by military and police loyal to Maduro. Many carried the Venezuelan flag upside down which now symbolizes a “criminal regime.” Opposition leader María Corina Machado said that “Nothing will stop us, nor get us off the streets.”

President Maduro himself was hit with flying eggs as he sought to lead a counter parade. The reason the benefit corrupted poor have joined the opposition is that Maduro’s Marxist state policies and price controls have dried up most of the food supplies and people are going hungry much of the time. With rampant inflation, people can’t produce and sell at controlled prices.