Montenegro Close to Joining the EU

Apr 14, 2017

One might ask why any country would want to join the EU when other countries are chaffing at the heavy handed EU controls. Montenegro, recently independent from Serbia, is a poor country who citizens largely support sacrificing national liberty for the perceived economic benefits of EU membership. Montenegro unilaterally started using the Euro without permission of the EU, which is a major point of contention.

But Montenegro has been slowly changing its laws to conform to the politically correct social mandates of the EU, including commitments to the phony climate change agenda, gay rights, unlimited immigration, acceptance of refugees.

Trump and the US Senate agreed to allow Montenegro to join NATO even though it effectively has no army, air force or Navy. Only Spain’s vote remains an obstacle to NATO membership. French National Front candidate Marine Le Pen criticized Trump for changing his mind about NATO and for taking on the globalist role of the world’s policeman, as he said he promised not to do.