Can Bill O'Reilly’s Sex Scandal Be Contained?

Apr 13, 2017

Veteran Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly is noted for being the most arrogant of all political commentators, both on air and off. His demeanor on air has never given a hint that he is disturbed by the damaging revelations of his sexual harassment of women staff at Fox News. He has never publically denied or even acknowledged the recent sexual harassment allegations brought by Fox New women staffers---for which Fox News reportedly paid millions in settlement costs. Dozens of advertisers have dropped O’Reilly’s popular show for fear of being associated with his tainted reputation as a sexual predator. Gabe Sherman reports that Fox News owner, globalist Rupert Murdoch, in high level talks over what to do about O'Reilly's future as they assess the damage. So far, most advertisers have been diverted to other Fox News shows, but Fox is having to charge a lower advertizing rate.