Trump’s Latest Flip Flops

Apr 13, 2017

Trump supporters continued to be discouraged as the president fails to follow through with signature promises during the campaign. Worse, he seems to reverse course and do the opposite and following the establishment position

After his meeting with Chinese president Xi Jinping, he did an about-face on his campaign promise to label China a currency manipulator, saying Beijing hasn't manipulated its currency for months, and he doesn't want to risk losing China's cooperation on North Korea.

2. Trump also reversed his campaign policy on the federal Export-Import Bank, which insures subsidizes foreign purchases of US goods, often to rich countries like China. He now says he supports the institution because he claims it helps small companies. In fact, it is used almost exclusively to support large international corporations who sell expensive equipment overseas.

3. Instead of replacing Janet Yellen at the FED as promised, Trump is now suggesting that he might appoint Fed chair Janet Yellen to another four-year term, "I do like a low-interest rate policy," he said. Reuters describes the comments as more evidence of Trump's "drift to the mainstream" on monetary policy.