John Bolton Explains Why the North Korean Threat is Different from Syria

Apr 12, 2017

In an interview with Fox News, former UN Ambassador John Bolton, an avowed neoconservative, explained why he though the danger from North Korea is very different from Syria.

He told Fox News that we’ve watched them for years developing nuclear weapons and they may well have them. 2) Time is short in dealing with NK. We’re very close to the point where some decisions have to be made. 3) The only way to end the nuclear threat of NK is to do away with the NK government.

He mentioned the history of NK cheating on the 4 nuclear disarmament agreements he has signed. He said, in response to those pushing for another agreement, "We cannot let this happen again" It should have been obvious after the first two that NK would never abide by an agreement to dismantle its nuclear weapons. Now that we’ve done nothing significant to deter him, he now has nukes and is threatening to use them.