Chinese president calls Trump on North Korean Threat

Apr 12, 2017

As North Korea responded with typical bravado saying it could “hit the U.S. first” with nuclear weapons, and the US carrier task force nears Korean waters, Chinese president Xi called president Trump to urge a peaceful solution. The Washington Post reported,

“Xi Jinping stressed that China insists on realizing the goal of denuclearization of the peninsula, insists on maintaining peace and stability on the peninsula, advocates resolving the problem through peaceful means and is willing to maintain communication and coordination with the U.S. side on the issue of the peninsula,” the paper wrote.

But that can only mean another paper agreement with NK, which Pyongyang has a track record of violating. Even if China guarantees compliance, the US has no means of making China follow through if North Korea doesn’t comply. As in prior agreements, getting the West to back down from threats of force only buys more time for both NK and China to advance military preparations for an eventual confrontation with the West.